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Beekeeping provides farmers and hobbyists with a variety of enterprises including production of beeswax, honey and other edible bee products.


Vermi Compost Manufacturing

Vermicompost is an excellent fertilizer that can be used in addition to synthetic fertilizers or as a safe and effective alternative.


Nursery Plants Production

A plant nursery is an establishment that raises propagates multiplies and sells seedlings, saplings and other planting materials.


Organic Farming

Organic farming is an agricultural approach that advocates ecological healthy products free from components that may harm humans and nature.


Garden Development

Garden Development providing one of the best ways to improve your modern landscapes property, it's not only our specialty but also our passion.


Roadside Plantations

Roadside tree planting can make significant improvements to the quality of roads and the environment and can protect key natural resources.


Cattle Feed Supply

The compound cattle feed is done primarily by farmers who maintain high yielding crossbred cows and buffaloes for milk production and animal health.

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Organic farming is based on the principles of high rate of production by following a systematic patter without hampering the soil and the environment. Since 2013 we have slowly ventured into organic farming where we are attempting to offer organic vegetables in our social structure.

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